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Get Phlebotomist at Home. On time. Every time.

Get all your Diagnostics Tests with Omni.Care:

When you book a diagnostic test, we could have a phlebotomist visit at your home for sample collection or you could visit one of our partner diagnostic centres near you.

Omni.Care has the widest selection of tests and large discounts through our partners!


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How it Works

Book a Test

Book a lab Test with Omni.Care right when your doctor recommends one

Visit a Lab or Home Collection

Visit a Lab or have convenient sample collecion by trained staff from a location and time that suit you best

Share Report

Report shared with you and your doctor automatically to continue consultation

Free Consultation

Book your free consultation after the reowned lab tests.

Labs Available on Omni.Care

Directly book lab tests from top labs and get home sample pickup

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