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Omni Swasth Employee Health Benefits Package
Omni.Care Exclusive Offers
365 Days validity         1,999  
Package Description:

Think of it as a must-have of healthcare! It’s a basic necessity, and you can use the discounts whenever required. One package, multiple discounts.

Offer Details: This package is worth Rs.1,999. To get absolutely 100% OFF, use the promocode shared by your Employer or contact us at +91-9560603123.

The various services for Omni Swasth Package are as follows:

1. Access to Omni.Care platform (Worth Rs.449/-) 

  • AAQ, health blogs, health digests

  • 150 Omni Points: can be used for payment of appointments / health packages / medicines

  • Medical Vault, worth Rs.299/- online vault to easily store and access medical reports, prescriptions, family records

  • Strong Customer Service Support: to help and guide you through every minor and major queries

2.  1 FREE Live Doctor Consultation (Worth Rs.200/-)

  • Live Doctor Consultation allows you to avail super-fast consultations

  • Via chat, phone call, and video consultations

  • Doctor’s response time is generally less than 15-20 minutes

  • Live consultations are quick, easy, and convenient

3. Huge discounts on doctor consultations and health packages (Worth Rs.1,000/-)

  • 1 Cashless OPD at 20% off, worth Rs.200/-

  • 40% off on health packages, 40% off on diagnostics appointments, worth Rs.800/-

4. Medicine delivery (Worth Rs.350/-) (Use Promocode- OMNIMED)

  • 20% off on medicines, worth Rs.350/- 

5. Additional rewards

  • 1% Omni Health Points

Package Type:
Appointment - 2 Visit

Type Of Consultation:
In-Clinic Consultation
( 1 - Visit )
Phone Consultation
( 1 - Visit )

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Top Labs & Pickup Staff
All labs on Omni.Care are certified and have well trained pickup staff
100% Service Guaranteed
We will refund your money if your sample is not collected or test results are not shared
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Frequently Asked Questions

Health package is a compendium of services, consultations, and remedies concerning a particular type of health issue.

Health packages are customized diagnostic regimes to help prevent a complete health issue before it starts or treat a health issue affecting the overall health or of an individual. By getting the right health checkup, you can take the firm step towards living a long and healthy life.

With advanced tests and technologies, clinical laboratories can help in identifying various disorders accurately which can be treated completely or at least the progress can be delayed. These type of services come under the Preventive health package category.

Remedial health packages aim towards treatment of a particular problem. As the name suggest, these packages provide a complete evaluation to identify the medical risk and initiate early treatment.

There are fixed number of consultation and appointments as per the stated in the package, so we cannot change the number of consultations or appointments and the course of treatment is pre-decided by respective doctor.

You can discontinue the package service whenever before its validity date, but we won’t be able to refund you the package fee.