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Member Query

If a female partner is suffering from hepatitis B.. what happens if i do sex with her ? Please advise me some methods that in this situation without harm i can do sex ....

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, she needs to be treated so that the viral load is low. Then use of condom or barrier precautions can be done. But it is not fool proof

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Posted:   2 months ago       2 Say Thanks

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, she needs to be treated so that the viral load is low. Then use of condom or barrier precautions can be done. But it is not fool proof

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Posted:   2 months ago       2 Say Thanks

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, she needs to be treated so that the viral load is low. Then use of condom or barrier precautions can be done. But it is not fool proof

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Posted:   2 months ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Due to an ingrown toe small part of my toe has swelling and white pus like fluid came out when I pressed it,I have put sodium fusicate ointment on it and have taken a tablet of mox. Is it enough what should I do next?

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, if pus is more, it needs to be drained. If the toe nail is ingrown, it needs to be removed.

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Posted:   9 months ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Fever throat infection and burning urinaion

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, looks like a upper respiratory infection. Could have a urinary tract infection also. You need to take antibiotics. But do a throat swab culture and urine culture to identify the organism and treat.

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Posted:   10 months ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

sir i want to ask a question if i am doing sex with more the one women who is hiv negative.then is there any change of hiv in me??

Dr.   Haleema Yezdani
Hello HIV has a huge window period hence it needs to be checked if you have any further symptoms

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Mujhe allergy hai aur ye hamesha rehti h.&#rl&#nlSkin itching hamesha rehti h patches ho jate h bade bade nodes ho jati h back me peeth p, nose hamesha band rehti h cough hamesha rehta hai gale me, Hairloss ho chuka h badly, masturbate kar leta hu to bohot jada ho jati h itching patches or peeth p moti moti nodes. Constipation bhi rehta h motion clear nai ho pata.

Dr.   Niraj Kumar
You have a allergic disease , like allergic rhinitis,some investigations (CBC, aec, immunoglobulin level), take medicine, tab montair lc one tab at night daily, syp evict 10ml daily

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Is it safe to drink sprite or any other cold drinks like coke in period of recovering from typhoid

Dr.   Rajendra Patil
No, its not a Safe you can consult a Specialist doctor

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Posted:   1 year ago       0 Say Thanks
Member Query

Fungal infection under thigh..

Dr.   Ashish Bhagat
Try using over-the-counter anti-fungal sprays or creams to treat the affected area. If doesn't improve, consult a doctor for prescribed creams/medication.

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Posted:   2 years ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

I have a pimple on my penis. It from about 1 week. Is it infection or is their something about to worrry. Please also prescribe some medicine if necessary.

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hello and welcome to Omnicare.This pimple like thing can be physiological or pathological.Genital herpes can cause small reddish blisters on the penis which are fluid filled.After they break they can cause burning and pain.A pimple on penis could also be follicultis which is an inflammation of hair follicle. There are many small pinkish red papules called pearly penile papules.Apart from this there are small spots called Fordyces spots.I suggest that you see your doctor.Only after a complete clinical examination the exact cause can be determined.Avoid squeezing it.Keep your genitals clean and wear loose cotton undergarments.Keep us posted.Take care.

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Posted:   2 years ago       3 Say Thanks
Member Query

sir mere pass ek labra mix puppy h usko 3 4 din Se ulti ho rhi h mene usko doctor ko dikhaya unhone bataya ki is puppy ko stomach me infection h or mera puppy 2 3 din se kuch bhi nhi kha rha h or kahi ghum bhi nhi rha h bass ek jageh betha rehta h or roj pani jesi ulti krta h or din me baas pani pita h kuch nhi khata h sir agr apko koi medicine ke bare me pta h to mujko plz bata do sir best medici

Dr.   Manish Arya
It might be gastroenteritis. In that case, it is recommended to not let the dog have food for a day or two and let him consume only fluids so that his gastrointestinal tract can rest and recover. If still there is no improvement then it is best you take your dog to a vet for consultation of medicine, depending on your dogs situation at that time.&#rl&#nlDr. Manish Arya, General Physician, M.B.B.S., D.N.B.-General Medicine, Sunita Hospital, Mumbai.

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Posted:   2 years ago       2 Say Thanks