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Member Query

Hi,im 49 years old and have this white pimple kind of thing on my tongue(left side) since quite sometime.(more than two months) .&#rl&#nlIts not causing me any symptoms or any discomfort.I also have not noticed any increase in size or any other changes.I dont drink,smoke or use tobacco.Hoping to know what it is and remedies for it.Attatching a picture of the same(spot is circled in blue in the picture

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, I am not able to view the picture. But if it not increasing in size, it might not be any major problem. But after having a look at it only I can suggest.

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Posted:   4 months ago       0 Say Thanks

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, I am not able to view the picture. But if it not increasing in size, it might not be any major problem. But after having a look at it only I can suggest.

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Posted:   4 months ago       0 Say Thanks
Member Query

Pain in throat for a long time near about one year lots of medicine taken but not relief why ?&#rl&#nlOnly pain throat

Dr.   Rashika Srivastava
You can consult a Best Specialist Doctor OR You can Book Blood test for Thyroid click her link and book your Lab Test

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Posted:   10 months ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Sir i have ear infection (pus) with eardrum hole i m taking antibiotics but my ear is burning and hurting badly.. i took 7 day antibiotic then dr checked me and prescribed same medicine for another 3 days and anti fungal for 7 days but this time my ear burning and hurting badly . Plz help

Dr.   Haleema Yezdani
Hello, do you have any fever? If not then don't worry just continue using the ear drops for 10 days. Cover your ears when you go for a bath.

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

I have a ruptured eardrum due to slap&#rl&#nlThere is no pain only buzzing noise & little hearing loss&#rl&#nlDoctor has given me swich 200&#rl&#nlHow will it heal what happens in general cases&#rl&#nlWhat should i do?&#rl&#nlPls tell

Dr.   Haleema Yezdani
Hello, unfortunately ruptured ear drum takes a long time to heal, continue your medications.&#rl&#nl

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Mujhe allergy hai aur ye hamesha rehti h.&#rl&#nlSkin itching hamesha rehti h patches ho jate h bade bade nodes ho jati h back me peeth p, nose hamesha band rehti h cough hamesha rehta hai gale me, Hairloss ho chuka h badly, masturbate kar leta hu to bohot jada ho jati h itching patches or peeth p moti moti nodes. Constipation bhi rehta h motion clear nai ho pata.

Dr.   Niraj Kumar
You have a allergic disease , like allergic rhinitis,some investigations (CBC, aec, immunoglobulin level), take medicine, tab montair lc one tab at night daily, syp evict 10ml daily

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Sir, I've two small rubbery beads over my right Mastoid process, please help me out. Is there any serious problem with this?

Dr.   Sandeep Gupta
no problem, but if you are experiencing other symptoms like ear pain, headache, redness & swelling or fluid discharge from the affected ear, we suggest you consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Three days ago I swallowed supari. I very forcefully tried to vomit by inserting a finger in the mouth. there was no vomit, only some spit and little brown kind of thing(not sure if blood or supari). I keep feeling a little uneasy/pain in the cervical esophagus. I feel like this area has been bruised . I had one zincovit today. I fear that I might have had a tear/ rupture of the esophagus.

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
A tear in esophagus has prominent symptoms, like difficulty in breathing or severe chest pain on breathing, pain in esophagus, back pain, difficulty in swallowing. If you are experiencing extreme pain or any of these symptoms, we suggest you to book an appointment with us.

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

I have gone through swollen lymph node removsl surgery (right side of neck) last week. Everything is okay now but ,there is a kind of pain around ear area .what does it refers for ?? ... its okay ..or i need to put attention ??

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hi,&#nlpain could be due to the procedure.Its best to consult doctor who operated you for a follow up check up.take care!

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Insect gone into the ear.

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
Try getting the insect out, by tilting your head or pouring oil in your ear. If you feel sting or irritation in your ear, we suggest you take a doctor prescribed antibiotic ear drop.

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

I woke up today and felt pain in left throat while turning head to right.. also paining while swallowing saliva and eating

Dr.   Nikita Chaudhary
It might be a symptom of common cold, or other viral infection like tonsillitis. It generally takes 2/3 days for healing, although you can try gargling with warm water and salt to ease the pain and/or drinking cough syrups. Dr. Nikita Chaudhary, Ayurveda, General Physician, Gynaecology, B.A.M.S.-Gyneacology

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Posted:   2 years ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Was having recurring fever despite some antibiotic that a doctor had given me (38-38.8 C). It was ineffective so he changed it to a med containing amoxcycillin and potassium clavulanate (650mg).Along with that, he gave me amikacin IV 500mg. My symptoms are coughing, running nose,and constant fever that goes down after a paracetamol for about an hour and then rises again.Is amikacin safe and right?

Amikacin is used to treat or prevent bacterial infections and it is desirable to limit the duration of treatment to short term of 7 to 10 days. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria and does not work for viral infections like common cold, flu. Unnecessary antibiotic use can disrupt the natural balance of organisms in the body and increase resistance. Self-care is OK when fever is below 101° F but as you have constant fever you can seek a second opinion from another doctor.

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Posted:   2 years ago       31 Say Thanks
Member Query

Why does whistling sound in my right ear? How be cure? Please help

Dr.   S.P. Malhotra
Thanks for your query. The condition is called Tinnitus. It may be temporary or chronic and caused because of prolonged exposure to loud noise. If your ear is blocked due to ear infections or wax buildup, the blockages may press on your auditory nerve leading to the same effect. There are medications which can be prescribed by your ENT doctor.

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Posted:   2 years ago       38 Say Thanks
Member Query

My ESR is 30 & my age is 23 , to overcome with this..what to eat & what it harmfull?

Dr.   D.C Khare
The ESR measures how sticky the red blood cells are. There is a very general calculation that is used to come up with a normal figure -although there is always a range for normal/ For Men the ESR given by age in years divided by 2. At 23 years your ESR should be around 10-15. I would not worry about it until other tests are done. Consult a good Nutritionist for a healthy diet chart if you want.

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Posted:   2 years ago       39 Say Thanks