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Member Query

I have skin problem. I am having ring kind of rash in my left thigh.

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, could be a fungal infection Use ring guard which has miconazole components. Do a koh mount

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Posted:   7 months ago       0 Say Thanks
Member Query

Puri body me elergy h khujli nhi jaati h hath finger har jagah hori h elergy..or ab to leg me baaltod jaisa kuch pimples hone lage h

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, yeh toh allergy hai aapko antiallergic medication like cetrizine lena padega. Uske badh aap calamine lotion apply kar sakte hain

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Khujli Puri body me h chaale pad jaate h or ling pe bhi chaale se hore h khujli hori h haath pair sab jagah

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Kujli allergy ke liye ho sakta hai. Iske liye anti allergy treatment lena padega

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Last year on 28august I vaccinated my cat with rabies vaccine which give immunity for 3 year however yearly dose is recommended in endemic areas. Tomorrow my cat playing with me that time accidentally her teeth screeched me. I washed that area with antibiotic soap and applied betadine. Do I need a rabies shot.

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, as the cat is vaccinated there is no need for you to get a vaccine. But if it is a category 3 wound and the cat Is not properly vaccinated then you need to take a 3 shot vaccine schedule.

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Hello i have a male dog. He is now around 4 months old but in his hole body he have some allergic type red spots so please help me

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hi it can be some allergy or Infection,A clinical examination is absolutely necessary for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of any condition please contact a Veteranarian.

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Itching on body and getting red spots. It is not stoping aftet having a itchong medicine

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, I understand your concern. It could be allergic reactions. You need to take antihistamines. Also see a dermatologist if symptoms are severe.

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Infection or allergy in private part male

Dr.   Rashika Srivastava
Please Consult a Doctor and Call Our Customer Service Team +91 9560603123

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Posted:   2 years ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

my wife having cough since last 4 mnths cough not continuously coming but now fever is also der wat to do now

Dr.   Haleema Yezdani
Hello, how old is your wife? Is she diabetic? Kindly get a chest x ray done (provided she is not pregnant) and revert back.

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Posted:   2 years ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Mujhe allergy hai aur ye hamesha rehti h.&#rl&#nlSkin itching hamesha rehti h patches ho jate h bade bade nodes ho jati h back me peeth p, nose hamesha band rehti h cough hamesha rehta hai gale me, Hairloss ho chuka h badly, masturbate kar leta hu to bohot jada ho jati h itching patches or peeth p moti moti nodes. Constipation bhi rehta h motion clear nai ho pata.

Dr.   Niraj Kumar
You have a allergic disease , like allergic rhinitis,some investigations (CBC, aec, immunoglobulin level), take medicine, tab montair lc one tab at night daily, syp evict 10ml daily

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Posted:   2 years ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

How can we know that the red rash is of chicken pox or anything else

Dr.   Sajeev Kumar
If you have never had chicken pox before, it could be a a sign. Otherwise, it might simply be an allergy, no reason to be alarmed. in case of chicken pox, look for other symptoms, like fatigue, fever, itching, headache, loss of appetite, etc.

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Posted:   2 years ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

I have a bump on my penis. Tell me what is this desease I'm worried. Please help me

As it might be one of the many conditions, to be sure we would need you to consult with us-&#rl&#nlPearly penile papules- lump on head of penis, normal, do not require treatment.&#rl&#nlLymphocele- it is swelling on shaft of penis, after sexual activity, and it goes away on its own.&#rl&#nlGenital warts- caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), it is a sexually transmitted infection.&#rl&#nlSores or ulcers- painful sore may indicate herpes and painless lumps indicate syphilis, both of which are STIs.&#rl&#nlMolluscum contagiosum- viral skin infection, if it spreads to other parts of penis then considered as STI.

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Posted:   2 years ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Hello dr.&#rl&#nlI have a skin problem on back it usually look like an acne.&#rl&#nlBut when i bathe it pains it irrased.&#rl&#nlSo plz help

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hornonal changes ,overactive sebaceous glands can cause pimples &#nltake lots of water. &#nleat nutritious food rich in proteins vitamins iron &#nlwash face with mild soap twice a day. &#nlkeep skin well clean&#nluse sunscreen while going out. &#nlTreatment will depend on the severity of acne &#nlFor medicine consult Dermatologis

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Posted:   2 years ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

How much time it will take my sgbt and sgot to come back at normal rate. I have sgbt of 272u/l and 162u/l. I am taking udiliv 300 as prescribed by doctor. I was having a regular diet in my college and my college ended. Suddenly I started taking mass gainers and high calorie diet. Lots of fats and high protein intake. Currently I have stopped consuming anything. And on a simple diet.

Dr.   A. K. Singhal
Your high levels of SGOT SGPT only indicate what type of disease your liver is suffering from. Time for high sgpt and sgot to come down to normal rate depends on underlying causes. Usually 3 to 4 weeks is the time required. We suggest you to book a Hepatitis and LFT tests health plan. If you have reports, share and consult us.

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Posted:   2 years ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

I have been itching on butts and private part since 2 months .I have used many creams n lotions like clobeta-gm,lobate,caradryl,candid powder etc; nothing can cure my problem.&#rl&#nlPlease help to get rid of this problem ,thank you ..

Dr.   Maithili Kamat
Many reasons for itching, contact dermatitis, eczema, heat rash, genital herpes. As OTC medicines haven't shown improvement, I suggest you try some home remedies, you can apply tea tree oil, coconut oil, aloe vera gel directly to rash. If itching continues, you will need to visit doctor so they can examine whether infection or allergy.

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Posted:   2 years ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Im 23 year old and i have kind of 'daat' fungal which is spread on my body in round circle and i applied every kind of cream but still not get rid kindly give a rid from it

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hello there!A picture of your lesions would be helpful.The most commonly prescribed anti-fungal pill is generic name: Fluconazole. This cures infection in almost 90 percent of cases.A single one dose is sufficient in most cases , and the infection disappears in days. But I would advise you to check in with your dermatologist before taking this medicine.Do share a picture.Take care.Best wishes!

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Posted:   3 years ago       3 Say Thanks
Member Query

I was allergy in my hairs

Dr.   Lipy Gupta
Hair is not foreign to the body so you cannot be allergic to it. However, you can be allergic to soap, shampoo, conditioner, or other chemical you use during bathing. Your doctor may tell you to change hair products or soap first and if this does not help he may refer you to a dermatologist. M.B.B.S., M.D. (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology), Adiva Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi

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Posted:   4 years ago       5 Say Thanks
Member Query

My daughter has asthma. Would she benefit from an ozone air purifier in her room?

Ozone air purifiers do not remove asthma triggers or filter out the small particles that trigger asthma. Inhaled ozone often makes asthma worse. Inhaling ozone, even in small amounts, can irritate the lungs develop throat irritation, coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath, as well as an increase risk of respiratory infections. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are effective in removing allergens from the air, without posing any ozone concerns.

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Posted:   4 years ago       38 Say Thanks
Member Query

What is the danger of an increased alcohol tolerance ?

Dr.   Avinash Mishra
The danger of increased alcohol tolerance is that it can lead people into thinking that as long as they do not feel drunk their health is not at risk. Any kind of alcohol tolerance, whether it is high, or low is associated with danger. Drinkers with an increased alcohol tolerance cannot trust their body signals any more and cannot judge when they have too much to drink, therefore they may end up drinking really large amounts with serious health consequences which include alcoholic coma and death. For serious cases medical intervention is needed and an alcohol detoxification program is advised.

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Posted:   5 years ago       34 Say Thanks
Member Query

How can we make a diagnosis of alcoholism ?

Dr.   Avinash Mishra
A manifestation of alcoholism is seen in withdrawal symptoms like headache, tremors, sweating, anxiety, nausea, or an increased heart beat and fluctuations in BP. These come with a strong urge to consume more alcohol. The alcoholic may not recognize their problems with their alcohol consumption habits. This complicates diagnosis during crisis, if an alcoholic does not stop or curtail his drinks as they develop greater tolerances to alcohol. A psychological evaluation is crucial, with a medical diagnosis for assessing the pattern and extent of the alcohol dependence of the patient. Physical examinations and tests for detecting the problem must also be carried out. For serious cases you are requested to refer to our Omni.Care Doctor.

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Posted:   5 years ago       36 Say Thanks
Member Query

What are the factors which accompany alcoholism ?

Dr.   Rashika Srivastava
The major effects of alcoholism are lapses in memory, abrupt changes in daily lifestyle, neglecting personal aesthetics in behaviour and appearance, and a reduced ability to work and maintain academic standards accompanied with depression and anxiety, impaired cognitive functions, and a deteriorating relationship within the family and friends in social circles.

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Posted:   5 years ago       34 Say Thanks
Member Query

What psychological risk factors accompany alcoholism?

Dr.   Rashika Srivastava
Depression, anxiety, drug abuse, peer pressure, social isolation, domestic/childhood abuse, monetary problems, and family history are some of the factors. Individuals suffering from possible Alcoholism should seek treatment.

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Posted:   5 years ago       33 Say Thanks