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Member Query

I recently waxed my bikni area. I usually have inngrown hair which is very painful and irrirating and also this time i have huge 2 acne which might have “pus” also. I am very tensed and in pain

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, don't worry. You may need antibiotics if the pus is present. If very big, see a surgeon. The pus may need to be drained.

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Posted:   4 weeks ago       0 Say Thanks
Member Query

I took dianabol while i was going to gym for a month. Now i am suffering from acne on my back and shoulders. What should i do?

Dr.   Arun Kaushik R
Hi, stop taking the tablets. The acne is a side effect. It usually reduces when the effectiveness of the anabolic steroid reduces. See a dermatologist if the acne persists.

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Posted:   3 months ago       0 Say Thanks
Member Query

Hi my name is Nimesh and m 21yo I wanted to get rid of my acne/pimple skin they are just spreading all over my face I’ve tried many things to get rid of them for eg: applying ice, alovera gel and many more but none of those helpd me yet so I want your hlp

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hornonal changes ,overactive sebaceous glands can cause pimples &#rl&#nltake lots of water. eat nutritious food rich in proteins vitamins iron wash face with mild soap twice a day. &#rl&#nlkeep skin well clean use sunscreen while going out. Treatment will depend on the severity of acne &#rl&#nlFor medicine consult Dermatologist

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Posted:   9 months ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

skin rash and black circle shaped skin infection on hand and other body parts not big though.

Dr.   Maithili Kamat
It might be a bacterial skin infection/ringworm. You can treat naturally by maintaining hygiene, using apple cider vinegar on the affected area, aloe vera, coconut oil or turmeric - as all these have anti-bacterial properties.

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Posted:   10 months ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

I am 16 year old...and i am depressd about my acne or pimple face wash or home,remedies was effective..on what should i do to have a godd healthy clear skin?

Dr.   Rashika Srivastava
Hornonal changes ,overactive sebaceous glands can cause pimples take lots of water. eat nutritious food rich in proteins vitamins iron bath wash with mild soap twice a day. keep skin well clean use sunscreen while going out. Treatment will depend on the severity of acne For medicine consult Dermatologis

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Posted:   11 months ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Respected sir in inner skin of my penis is seen like hematoma & while during intercourse it get cut in penis skin I had applied betnovate c since last one month but there is no improvement kindly suggest some medicine.

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hello never self medicate. Please get it examined, avoid masturbation or sexual activity till it heals. take care

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Posted:   11 months ago       0 Say Thanks
Member Query

Hello sir I am 25 yeara old. In my face skin there are big pores and huge amount of oil are coming out mostly in day time. Kindly suggest me some proper medicine.

Dr.   Haleema Yezdani
Hello, please wash your face twice a day with glycerine based soap or face wash.

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Posted:   11 months ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

What do I have if there is a circular dry (like whitish dry skin) itchy rash on my butt line? It’s a bit elevated from the rest of the skin. I had a ring worm infection on my chin around the same time. It’s been a month.

Dr.   Haleema Yezdani
Hello it definitely sounds like fungal infection, please apply candid derma ointment locally twice a day for 15 days.

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

I'm using skin shine cream from 1 year and now I come to know that this is not good for face and it makes redness on face.what should I do and what is best option?

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
Dear Member You can use Evion Gel Morning to Evening 15 Days

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

A fungal infection again and again appear on my thigh...what is the permanent solution..i taken itraconazole for a three week

Dr.   Rajendra Patil
Tab It-Mac 2oomg,1----0----0 Tab Zocon 150mg 0------0------1 1mnth. L-T Mac Solution Apply thigh&#rl&#nl

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

i need prescription for ringworm it is on my leg and on jocks.

Dr.   Rajendra Patil
Dear Member you can get Tab zentel For ringworm

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

I'm 18 years old and I barely have Mustache and no beard, what should I do?

Dr.   Niraj Kumar
Tell about axillary hair and pubic hair then comments

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

माझंही खूप केस गळतायेत

Dr.   Rajeev Dhir
You can try some natural measures, like applying castor oil or vitamin E oil capsules on scalp. And a diet rich in Vitamins A, B, C, E can also prove helpful for hair growth.

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

How can i cure my white patches on my face . This problem occurs every year in winter. Iam so much frustrated from this problem. Plz give me a fast and better solution

Dr.   B. K. Garg
it is called vitiligo, you can try home remedies to get rid of it. or consult doctor for medication. Read to know more

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

My skin is combination bout currently its very oily and is prone to acne. I want to know about a gel based sunscreen with broadspectrum

Dr.   Mankesh Lal Gambhir
Check contents of sunscreens before purchasing. stick to light, mattifying formulas which have SPF 30 or more, and which do not have preservatives, fragrance, lanolin and other heavy oils in their content.

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

I have been itching on butts and private part since 2 months .I have used many creams n lotions like clobeta-gm,lobate,caradryl,candid powder etc; nothing can cure my problem.&#rl&#nlPlease help to get rid of this problem ,thank you ..

Dr.   Maithili Kamat
Many reasons for itching, contact dermatitis, eczema, heat rash, genital herpes. As OTC medicines haven't shown improvement, I suggest you try some home remedies, you can apply tea tree oil, coconut oil, aloe vera gel directly to rash. If itching continues, you will need to visit doctor so they can examine whether infection or allergy.

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

The scenario is, I am about to get married to a guy and his father along with his father's brother had some problem during their 20s because of which they completely lost their hair from head and have partial eyebrows. But the guy to whom I will get married has good hair growth with no issues like this. So how much probability is there for this issue to come into our future children?

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hi, It seems they are suffering from Alopecia areata .It is an autoimmune disorder. Nobody can predict 100 percent whether it will occur in all family members or not. you may discuss in detail with a Dermatologist after getting to know family's complete history. Thanks

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Hello Sir/Madam i have a several chickenpox scares on my face and it become black now a days.. can i remove that? What about the cost that i have to bear&#rl&#nl

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hi,&#nlYou can try some home remedies like apply Lemon juice has vitamin C, which aids in the production of collagen,Another way is apply Coconut oil ,it contains medium chain fatty acids which stimulate collagen production, and hydrate the skin.Take a nutritious diet rich on Vitamin C,A In severe cases ,Percutaneous scar release, laser resurfacing, and excision are three modalities .Consult Dermatologist for severe scars.Hope it helps.

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Posted:   1 year ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Sir/madam&#rl&#nlCan you explain me in detail about prp side effects and cost of it.Is it once for lifetime,when will the hairfall start again.will it be normal to see

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hello.PRP injection for androgenic alopecia is simple, cost-effective treatment .But Clinical evidence for its efficacy is still weak. Its best to consult a dermatologist.He will advise you based on the cause of your hair loss which is the best option for you.

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Posted:   1 year ago       3 Say Thanks
Member Query

Hi, in 1999 i had a skin injury between knee and ankle. The trauma did not cure fully. Doctor used steroids and skin did not grow to its normal for. Often there is itching. After that it gets reddish and the ulcer looks new. Could you please advise me any treatment. Thank you. Mahfuz

Dr.   Raman Kant Agarwal
Dear member as we can see your trauma is not cured completely you have to visit to your nearest skin specialist to know the actual state of your injury. It can be done by the physical examination by doctor specialist. Dr. Raman Kant Agarwal, Orthopedics and Joint replacement Surgeon, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon.

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Hello Doctor,I have developed two dark black round blisters on my left upper arm since mar 2016. May be due to seborrhea . I am also having diabetes . The blister is slightly skin tag and is not responding to any topical steriod and diphenyl hydramine preparation . although i have mild dermatitis in scalp ad body i donot have history of developing blisters recalcitrant and lasting 12 months..

We can recommend you some home remedies.&#rl&#nlYou can try to- apply aloe vera gel on the affected area, aloe vera will reduce inflammation&#rl&#nl-use turmeric with rosewater as a paste, turmeric is anti-bacterial and has healing properties&#rl&#nl-ginger juice also has anti-bacterial properties&#rl&#nl-toothpaste will also help to reduce the inflammation.&#rl&#nlAlthough if you still cannot see healing, you can come for an in-clinic appointment with any of Omni.Care's leading dermatologists.&#rl&#nl&#rl&#nlDr. Ashima Goel, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, M.D. (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology)-All subjects, SCO 76 , 1ST FLOOR , NEAR GOPAL SWEETS , SECTOR 15-D, Chandigarh.

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

I am a female.Age 29. I have acne or zits in buttocks.they are very itchy and spreads while rubbing.Thry contain fluid in them.They leaves severe marks on butt.pls suggest medicine.

Dr.   Vaibhav Khanna 
They often disappear on their own, but if they don't, topical antibiotic cream or an antibacterial wash such as one that contains benzoyl peroxide might help. Also maintain proper hygiene and take note to wear dry clothes only as damp/wet clothing might encourage the acne growth.&#rl&#nl&#rl&#nlDr. Vaibhav Khanna, Dermatology, Surgery - Plastic, Plastic, Microvascular, Cosmetic & Craniofacial, M.S., M.Ch., Health City Hospital, Lucknow.

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Usually get all body itching with red rashes n some times mild blisters between left hand fingers.past 1months it's happening with intervals within in a day.all we are keen on hygiene on our daily chores.still suffering .could you recommend what need to be taken care off.

Dr.   Rajeev Dhir
Wash the blistered hand or hands with lukewarm water and a gentle soap. Disinfect the outside of the blister or blisters with alcohol or iodine to kill any bacteria. Apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and sooth the skin. Cover the whole area with a bandage or an Elastoplast Blister Plaster.&#rl&#nlDr. Rajeev Dhir, Dermatology, M.B.B.S., M.D. (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology), SevenHills Hospital, Mumbai.

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Posted:   1 year ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Sir, I using hamdard saafi for pimple care, tell which food should I eat or not? Like can I eat potata,spicy, nibupaani specially for potatoes??

Dr.   Nikita Chaudhary
Avoid oily and spicy food items. Otherwise no restriction, but make sure you are taking Hamdard Saafi by adding it in 200 ml water, otherwise it will harm you. Dr. Nikita Chaudhary, Ayurveda, General Physician, Gynaecology, B.A.M.S.-Gyneacology

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Posted:   2 years ago       2 Say Thanks
Member Query

Recurring armpit lump (both armpits). No redness , painful. It went away after a month and now its back.

Dr.   Shishir Shetty
A lump that comes and goes is almost certainly not cancer. It is not rare to have recurring infections in sweat glands under the arm; this might need surgical drainage to make it go away permanently. But to have it accurately diagnosed, it will need to be looked into by your doctor. Dr. Shishir Shetty, M.B.B.S., Oncology, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, Mumbai

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Posted:   2 years ago       1 Say Thanks
Member Query

Sir i m suffering from psoriasis from last 4 years ....kindly see on it

It is a chronic problem and the treatment will depend on the severity of the disease and your blood investigations will have to be done. Dr. S. K. Chaudhari, Dermatology, General Physician, M.B.B.S., Aashlok Hospital, New Delhi

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Posted:   2 years ago       4 Say Thanks
Member Query

Hello Sir I m mukesh and my age is 21. I have got black scar below my left eye due to punch on my face 3 month back..I m not able to cure it place ase help me ..I m very thankful to you

Dr.   Sujata Grover
An uncomplicated black eye heals without complications. If the impact ruptured the capillaries underneath your skin healing may take a longer time. Consult your doctor immediately if your black eye is accompanied by any vision problems or pain as a closer physical examination will be necessary to suggest a course of action. Good luck!

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Posted:   2 years ago       7 Say Thanks
Member Query

Hi Have a prominent rash on both my legs between the knee and the ankle. Its been almost a year now, have used several ointments, but no difference. No itching or redness,kindly suggest a remedy

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
Hope your health query has been answered by the Doctor. Please Consult the Doctor as needed. We would like to make sure you are fully satisfied and healthy – so your next Consultation is on us. Just use Promo Code: OMNICONSULT. In case you are not a Member yet, please SIGNUP at

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Posted:   2 years ago       38 Say Thanks

Dr.   Nisha Maheshwari
Thank you for your question. I am concerned as your leg rash is persisting and has no itching or redness. Considering that you have already tried different ointments for it which includes antibiotic and steroid ointments; I suggest you consider a skin biopsy for definite diagnosis & management which is a minor. Dr. Nisha Maheshwari, M.B.B.S, DVD, M,I DVL, Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist, Lucknow.

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Posted:   2 years ago       40 Say Thanks