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Member Query

I have a problem of lower back pain. It pinch me a lot when I do exercise. Please suggest?

Dr.   Arti Ajay Sharma
Hi.Since when are you having back ache?What other symptoms do you have?Back cahe can be due to muscle strain,muscle sprain or pinched nerve or bad posture.I suggest that you take TABLET COMBIFLAM 1 tablet 2 times a day.Try hot and cold fomentation.Apply Volini gel locally.If problem persists see an orthopaedician. Take care and keep us posted.

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Posted:   3 years ago       3 Say Thanks
Member Query

I had my dates in august 13 then i missed my date in September after that i checked for pregnancy 2 times n it came positive on 25 September i had mtp pills n still i m having pain bleeding plzz suggest me something that when all these things will get sorted !?

Dr.   Seema Sharma
There are some conditions of using this MTP kit and you should consult your doctor who will provide you expert advice regarding your health and usage of MTP kit also. These medicines work well for abortion within the seven weeks (63 days) of pregnancy. Bleeding will not be heavy if pregnancy weeks are less than 3 weeks, you have to check pregnancy 14 days after a MTP kit is taken.

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Posted:   4 years ago       37 Say Thanks
Member Query

my mom having foot pain she is not able to stand when she seat...also she have a back pain

Dr.   Lalit Kaushal
Pain in foot along with back pain could be secondary to one or more causes such as arthritis, tendinitis, neuropathy (nerve damage in foot) etc. Other factors such as nutritional deficiency or sedentary life styles could also be contributing factors. I would like more detail such as duration of pain, other symptoms, and history of trauma. To consult me now at Omni.Care click CONSULT

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Posted:   4 years ago       37 Say Thanks
Member Query

skin infection

Dr.   Rashika Srivastava
More details of your condition will be needed to give you a proper reply. However if your problem is causing great discomfort it is better to consult a dermatologist at Omni.Care.

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Posted:   5 years ago       35 Say Thanks
Member Query

What is the treatment for amenorrhea?

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
Treatment depends on the cause of amenorrhoea. Once the cause is determined, treatment is directed at correcting the underlying disease, which should restore menstruation. In some cases, contraceptive pills or other hormone therapies can restart your menstrual cycles. Simple lifestyle modifications such as stress reduction, weight management, and exercise program can also help in case other medical causes have been ruled out. Consult our Omni.Care doctor if you have missed at least three menstrual periods in a row, or if you have never had a menstrual period and you are 15 or older.

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Posted:   5 years ago       36 Say Thanks
Member Query

When do genital abnormalities which cause amenorrhea?

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
There are several situations in which the genital abnormalities in a woman born with incompletely formed genital or pelvic organs lead to primary amenorrhoea. Some of these may be blockages of the cervix (neck to the womb), Hymen (membrane covering the vagina) that has no opening, missing uterus or vagina, or a vaginal septum (partition dividing the vagina into two sections). For serious cases you are requested to refer to our Omni.Care doctor.

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Posted:   5 years ago       36 Say Thanks
Member Query

What are the symptoms which accompany amenorrhea?

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
The main amenorrhoea symptom is absence of monthly bleeding. Other symptoms of amenorrhoea depend on the cause. Many symptoms are hormonal in nature, reflecting the role of hormonal disruptions in causing missed periods.The following are symptoms that could accompany amenorrhoea - milky nipple discharge, hair loss, headache, vision problems, facial hair, deep voice, pelvic pain, acne, weight gain, weight loss, vaginal dryness etc.

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Posted:   5 years ago       35 Say Thanks
Member Query

Why is there an increase in cases of allergies?

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
Allergies have mainly increased because of changes in lifestyles, environmental pollution and industrialization. Foods containing hazardous chemicals can also be a contributing factor. Environmental allergens are causing allergies in normal people. On the other hand, awareness about allergies is also increasing resulting in increased testing and detection.

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Posted:   5 years ago       35 Say Thanks
Member Query

Why are food allergies common in infants?

Dr.   Rashika Srivastava
Newborns have increased intestinal absorption which can trigger allergic reactions. The immature immune system in a new born increases their risk of allergies. A baby can be allergic to mainly eight food groups for 90 percent of food allergies especially the following eight food groups: eggs, milk, peanuts, wheat, soy, nuts (walnuts, cashews etc.), fish, lobster, shrimp, and crab. If your baby seems to be having trouble breathing, has swelling of the face or lips, or develops severe vomiting or diarrhoea after eating, call the local emergency number immediately.

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Posted:   5 years ago       36 Say Thanks
Member Query

What is the danger of an increased alcohol tolerance ?

Dr.   Avinash Mishra
The danger of increased alcohol tolerance is that it can lead people into thinking that as long as they do not feel drunk their health is not at risk. Any kind of alcohol tolerance, whether it is high, or low is associated with danger. Drinkers with an increased alcohol tolerance cannot trust their body signals any more and cannot judge when they have too much to drink, therefore they may end up drinking really large amounts with serious health consequences which include alcoholic coma and death. For serious cases medical intervention is needed and an alcohol detoxification program is advised.

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Posted:   5 years ago       34 Say Thanks
Member Query

How can we make a diagnosis of alcoholism ?

Dr.   Avinash Mishra
A manifestation of alcoholism is seen in withdrawal symptoms like headache, tremors, sweating, anxiety, nausea, or an increased heart beat and fluctuations in BP. These come with a strong urge to consume more alcohol. The alcoholic may not recognize their problems with their alcohol consumption habits. This complicates diagnosis during crisis, if an alcoholic does not stop or curtail his drinks as they develop greater tolerances to alcohol. A psychological evaluation is crucial, with a medical diagnosis for assessing the pattern and extent of the alcohol dependence of the patient. Physical examinations and tests for detecting the problem must also be carried out. For serious cases you are requested to refer to our Omni.Care Doctor.

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Posted:   5 years ago       36 Say Thanks
Member Query

What are the factors which accompany alcoholism ?

Dr.   Rashika Srivastava
The major effects of alcoholism are lapses in memory, abrupt changes in daily lifestyle, neglecting personal aesthetics in behaviour and appearance, and a reduced ability to work and maintain academic standards accompanied with depression and anxiety, impaired cognitive functions, and a deteriorating relationship within the family and friends in social circles.

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Posted:   5 years ago       34 Say Thanks
Member Query

What psychological risk factors accompany alcoholism?

Dr.   Rashika Srivastava
Depression, anxiety, drug abuse, peer pressure, social isolation, domestic/childhood abuse, monetary problems, and family history are some of the factors. Individuals suffering from possible Alcoholism should seek treatment.

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Posted:   5 years ago       33 Say Thanks
Member Query

When should we care about baby’s regurgitation?

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
If there are numerous regurgitations after or in-between feeding in babies, you should consult your paediatrician

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Posted:   5 years ago       33 Say Thanks
Member Query

Can you treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
Preventive measures to be taken during pregnancy include avoiding constipation by adopting diets rich in fiber, accompanied by plenty of fluids. Also it is advised to avoid remain sitting or standing too long. Walking and engaging in any kind of light exercise is highly recommended, as it helps relieve the pressure of the uterus.Sleep lying on the left side. This position prevents the increase of pressure on the aorta and consequently, improves blood supply to the area.The best treatment includes a good anal hygiene, which relieves pain and itching.

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Posted:   5 years ago       35 Say Thanks
Member Query

Can you avoid hemorrhoids if you are working all day sitting?

Dr.   Avinash Mishra
Hemorrhoids or enlarged rectal veins occur, most frequently, between the ages of 45 and 65. They’re especially common among those with chronic constipation and people who sit for long hours every day. Hemorrhoids are not life threatening, but they can be extremely uncomfortable. Preventive measures include avoiding constipation by adopting diets rich in fibre, and including a good anal hygiene, which relieves pain and itching.If hemorrhoids prove to be a consistent problem, please consult an Omni.Care Doctor.

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Posted:   5 years ago       35 Say Thanks
Member Query

Is it possible for a child to have hemorrhoid?

Dr.   Avinash Mishra
This does not happen very often, but it is possible. The most common cause is constipation, especially in children between 2 and 4 years. Normally, constipation in children is caused by poor eating habits, so it is healthy to take vegetables, legumes and fruit. It is very important to see a doctor to begin treatment as soon as possible.

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Posted:   5 years ago       33 Say Thanks
Member Query

Should you see a doctor if there is a bleeding hemorrhoids?

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
Bleeding usually occurs because the haemorrhoid opens during the strain of defecation, or by rubbing during evacuation of faeces. Rectal bleeding is not always the result of hemorrhoids and can be caused by many other diseases, so you should always consult your doctor for diagnosis and control.

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Posted:   5 years ago       33 Say Thanks
Member Query

What is the difference between angina and myocardial infarction?

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
Angina should not be confused with myocardial infarction. Both cause chest pain, the difference is based on the occupancy of the coronary vessel responsible for carrying oxygen to the heart causing reduced blood flow. In angina lack of oxygen is temporary; it causes characteristic pain, but there is no death of heart cells. In myocardial infarction there is cell death making the injury irreversible.

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Posted:   5 years ago       33 Say Thanks
Member Query

Is it true that there is improvement in the cardiovascular health of people who have a dog?

Dr.   Omni.Care Doctor
Dogs could improve the health of their owners, especially their cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular risk factors, like blood pressure, cholesterol, and obesity have been seen to have improved for owners of pet dogs but there is no scientific proof available for this correlation.

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Posted:   5 years ago       33 Say Thanks