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I had protected sex with my girlfriend last month on her 6th day of period. are there any chances of getting pregnant? since, she missed her periods for more than 15 days. Her date last month was on 14th and we had sex on 20th.&#rl&#nlWill pregnancy test give us right results or do we need to consult gynae personally?

Hi, Missed periods is earliest sign of pregnancy.Urine pregnancy test is quite reliable test but get beta hcg levels done that is confirmatory for diagnosis of pregnancy. Irregular periods other causes are hormonal imbalances, stress, ovulation disorders, high prolactin levels  etc. You need work up for above mentioned causes It is best to consult a doctor .Consult a gynecologist for a thorough evaluation. Hope this helps. 

Posted by: Dr.  Arti Ajay Sharma • 10 months ago
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