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17, female; periods in 2011, I have been having periods after 15 days for a couple of months , some are quite painful and some are normal without any pain or sensations.&#rl&#nl On 14 Jan I observed a bump ingrown area where I saw a skin colour bump coming out of my clitoris and it had a white spot in between, it was itchy but no pains. Is it safe ?

Hi Irregular periods can be due to hormonal imbalances, stress, ovulation disorders, high prolactin levels etc. You need work up for above mentioned causes It is best to consult a doctor .Consult a gynecologist for a thorough evaluation. Regarding the lump ,it is difficult to comment without a clinical examination it is important to examine the size colour extent of lesion&#rl&#nlonly then the cause can be found. Hope this helps take care

Posted by: Dr.  Arti Ajay Sharma • 1 year ago
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