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Hello doctor my marriage was on 23 November 2017 till now my husband is not satisfying me in bed. Might be I take more time to turn ON and he get discharged soon. We meet once in 15-20 days as we live far .but he only do sex once in 3 days. This annoys me every time he discharged soon. He is doing gym around 10 year and once he took steroids also. He blames on me that I have more sex desires than normal people but I am newly wed and wants sex at least 1 time in a day. I do not know who has problem please help.

Hello this happens many times due to anxiety and stress too, does your husband smoke? If so please tell him to quit smoking and tell him to relax.&#rl&#nl

Posted by: Dr.  Haleema Yezdani • 1 year ago
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