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I would like to know, what would cause the side effects of swelling around the heel of my foot the tricep of my arm and two knuckles on my hands, no pain just swelling. All labs CBC, TSH, BMP, CMP, LIPID PANEL, CBC W/DIFF, and SED RATE, all came back within normal range. So I am taking 20 mg of Prednisone QID. What other test can I take? My meds are atorvastatin, metphormin, basaglar, apidra, and lisinopril. I have been on them 3 months now. I am African American as well with no cardiac markers. What could this be? Swelling from medications or......?

Hello, by the description that you have mentioned it could be what we call as neurofibroma. However, it requires a biopsy to be sure.

Posted by: Dr.  Haleema Yezdani • 1 year ago
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