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Dear doc, This started after I had food poisoning twice in last 2 months with fever. I had taken norflox course. &#rl&#nlAs advised by doc last week, I took 5 days course of rifagut, econorm, pan d. My symptoms have improved by not fully cured. I am still suffering from- tender stomach, semi loose stool, pain and weakness in joints- increases after passing stool, increased gas, Sudden urges

We suggest you take care of your diet. Consume lots of bananas, yogurt, apples, white rice and avoid any spicy, oily foods which might be the reason for your current symptoms. A good diet will help improve your bowel movements and get rid of your weakness. You can also consume glucose powder mixed in water for more energy.

Posted by: Dr.  Vishwas Thakur • 1 year ago
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