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i had sex on the following days: 18th April ,after sex i had contraceptive pills. 28 April ,after sex I had contraceptive pill . 5th 12th and 19th may i had sex and did not have a contraceptive pill . Please note that condom was used throughout the time i had sex. My period usually comes on 10th of the month. Between these mentioned days ,once i had sex while there was minute bleeding. i was able to see the blood stains on the condom. After 19th May I did not get intimate with my partner. Two days back i used a pregnancy kit to check and it was negative. Since one month i have been missing my periods and today there was minute red clot type(more like a thread type) things can be seen when i insert my finger in my vagina. Am i pregnant or will there will be period on the mentioned date.

Hello, yes there could definitely be a possibility of pregnancy. If it has occurred and you are spotting you need to see your gynaecologist as soon as possible. But for now please get serum beta hcg test done to rule out pregnancy.

Posted by: Dr.  Haleema Yezdani • 1 year ago
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