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I have a bump on my penis. Tell me what is this desease I'm worried. Please help me

As it might be one of the many conditions, to be sure we would need you to consult with us-&#rl&#nlPearly penile papules- lump on head of penis, normal, do not require treatment.&#rl&#nlLymphocele- it is swelling on shaft of penis, after sexual activity, and it goes away on its own.&#rl&#nlGenital warts- caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), it is a sexually transmitted infection.&#rl&#nlSores or ulcers- painful sore may indicate herpes and painless lumps indicate syphilis, both of which are STIs.&#rl&#nlMolluscum contagiosum- viral skin infection, if it spreads to other parts of penis then considered as STI.

Posted by: Dr.  SUBHASH KHATANA • 1 year ago
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