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I have gone through an ACL reconstruction Surgery last year in january . Should i start exercising my legs now or should i avoid weightlifting ?

As you have undergone ACL reconstruction an important factor is to regain knee symmetry and restore joint to equilibrium, and strive for normal ROM and strength. It is advisable to stick to your PT program and don’t try to do too much too soon. You can lift as much as you are comfortable doing. Start out with small weights, and build up your tolerance. As long as the knee does not hurt, lifting weights is fine, unless specifically asked to avoid by your physician. You can book appointments with Dr. Harinder Batth, M.S.-Orthopedic Surgery a leading Orthopedic Surgeon at Inscol Hospital, Chandigarh. Consult him in-clinic or over phone, email or video appointment once you register as an Omni.Care member. You can live chat on our portal or call us 022 6108 7576 if you have any questions. Thank you for making Omni.Care your trusted healthcare portal!

Posted by: Dr.   Harinder Batth • 3 years ago
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