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My daughter has been diagnosed with Typhoid on 09/02/2018 and the mentioned medication is on since then. Widal test is&#rl&#nlS typhi O - 1/40 & 1/80 is +&#rl&#nlS typhi H - 1/40, 1/80, 1/160 & 1/320 are +&#rl&#nlS para typhi AH & BH are all -&#rl&#nlDespite these medicines fever recurs every 4 hours. What should i do now. Fever goes upto 103°C. Also fever is higher at around 3-4 am & pm. Kindly suggest? We give pcm 4 fever

What antibiotics is child taking?&#nlPLease get back to me for consultation with detailed history and medicines being taken.&#nlOnly after knowing details I will be able to advise

Posted by: Dr.  Arti Ajay Sharma • 2 years ago
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