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Age:29yrs Female, as per the full body check up report, ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE (Technology - PHOTOMETRY) value is 122.1 U/I, ALANINE TRANSAMINASE (SGPT) (Technology - PHOTOMETRY) value is 33.6 U/I, LIPOPROTEIN (A) [LP(A)] (Technology - IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY) value is 45.p mg/dl. What is the reason of it and is there any serious thing?

Your Alkaline Phospatase, SGPT and Lipoprotein are with in normal limits&#nlAlkaline Phospatase, SGPT tests are for Liver disease&#nlLipoprotein is done for Heart disease&#nlconsult with complete test report for further evaluation&#nlDr Jyoti Goel&#nlMBBS, PGDCC, DNHE&#nl

Posted by: Dr.  Jyoti Goel • 2 years ago
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