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Age:29yrs Female, as per the full body check up report, TOTAL RBC value is 4.81 X 10^6/µL, MEAN CORPUSCULAR HEMOGLOBIN(MCH) value is 26.4 pq, MEAN CORP.HEMO.CONC(MCHC) value is 29.3 g/dL, RED CELL DISTRIBUTION WIDTH - SD(RDW-SD) value is 50.6 fL, RED CELL DISTRIBUTION WIDTH (RDW-CV) value is 15.5% . What is the reason of it and is there any serious thing?

You did not mentioned Haemoglobin value as we can analyse reports completely after seeing Haemoglobin value&#nlYour MCH value and RBC count and is normal, nothing serious&#nlDr Jyoti Goel MBBS, PGDCC

Posted by: Dr.  Jyoti Goel • 2 years ago
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