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I have a pimple on my penis. It from about 1 week. Is it infection or is their something about to worrry. Please also prescribe some medicine if necessary.

Hello and welcome to Omnicare.This pimple like thing can be physiological or pathological.Genital herpes can cause small reddish blisters on the penis which are fluid filled.After they break they can cause burning and pain.A pimple on penis could also be follicultis which is an inflammation of hair follicle. There are many small pinkish red papules called pearly penile papules.Apart from this there are small spots called Fordyces spots.I suggest that you see your doctor.Only after a complete clinical examination the exact cause can be determined.Avoid squeezing it.Keep your genitals clean and wear loose cotton undergarments.Keep us posted.Take care.

Posted by: Dr.  Arti Ajay Sharma • 2 years ago
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