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After 1 years of my lasik surgery .I am facing the problem of glare and holes of lights at the night and driving . I feel very uncomfortable please suggest me &#rl&#nl&#rl&#nlOn Monday I have gone to my Doctor .she had given me two eye drops 1-Maxmoist 2-alphagan Z .Is these eye drops are very helpful?????

Maxmoist is used for treatment of Obesity and Inflammation.&#rl&#nlAlphagan-Z is a prescription eye drop which reduces the amount of eye fluid, which decreases pressure inside the eye. It is used for treating open-angle glaucoma or high eye pressure. So, yes these drops will be helpful.&#rl&#nlDr. Rajat Dhesi, Glaucoma, M.B.B.S., M.S.-Cataract & Glaucoma, Prakash Netra Kendra, 788, Lucknow.

Posted by: Dr.  Rajat Dhesi • 2 years ago
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