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Hellow,&#rl&#nlMy name is ashutosh and am 20 year old.&#rl&#nlIf I have piles and my hair become white then what kind of lack is in my body? I'm i moving fast toward oldness?

Hi piles occur due to straining at stools.Premature grey-ing of hair can be due to number of reasons that include:&#rl&#nlgenetic causes, harmful chemical/colours used in hair earlier&#rl&#nluse of hair gel earlier, lack of nutrition. &#rl&#nlSo you need to take proper diet which contains vital vitamins and minerals good for hair growth and colour that includes biotin, zinc, selenium, folic acid, calcium. &#rl&#nlYou will get this nutrition by taking green leafy vegetables, fish, milk, dry fruits.

Posted by: Dr.  Arti Ajay Sharma • 1 year ago
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